Monday, January 05, 2009

A Train of Thoughts

KL trip - 1 to 3 Jan - took train to & fro

A buzzer sounds dimly without. And with a lurch, our train moves off! Excitement at the novel holds us out through the ensuing 8 hour ride.

Scenes of tropical trees roll by - cloud-draped mountains, knolls, plains, plantations... civilisation in the form of lone houses or small villages pops up sporadically. I see little kids jump and wave us by.

Station by station, the train presses on, occasionally halting to let travellers alight or board. The relentless rhythm of rocking over tracks lulls one to sleep. I must say, after KL, I'm glad to trade the city bustle for the sprawling greenery.

Camera in hand, I being to terrorize my sleeping subjects before I go on admire the passing trees, cows and old-looking houses zipping by.

All in all, adyllic and idling are two words that I would describe the experience.

En route, I tell myself, the year is 3 days upon us. A feeling of ennui within, I worry about plans, projects and purpose. Divine or not, is life all about the pursuit of happiness?

At least, one good thing I know - Fellowship which consists of good friends, good food and good fun.

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