Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The beauty without

Today I went out without my camera and I saw the beauty without.

I saw the beauty of trees, bare yet lined with raindrops hanging off its branches, glistening in the after-shower sun.

I saw flower buds out already on the trees, eager to reveal their full spring glory.

I saw the beauty of the sun, yawning through the gloom, reflecting over the Hudson river.

Of the eagle that landed to perch.

Of peace in the land.

Truly, seasons after seasons, this beauty unfolds.


rachel said...

Wow, hey just saw your photoblog man. It's awesome man! I love the Botanic Gardens one... Super!

Next time when you come back you must show me all your photos man! Whoohoo!


Angeline Tan said...

Love your pics. Simple description that speaks lots. Noticed you took lots of up-close portrait shots of day-to-day Americans. What lens did you use that u didn't rouse their awareness, suspicion, or irritation?

Ed said...

Angie, i used a telephoto lens and sat in an unobtrusive corner. Then i just focused with the camera and waited for the right moment :)