Thursday, April 23, 2009

Half a woman, many times a giant

Lost legs since two years old, her mother taken by cancer, having to take care of a brother who's mentally challenged and a father affected by dementia and later claimed by leukemia, striving through two pregancies to bear a son and daughter...

I caught Rosemarie Siggins on documentary and was struck by how positive and strong she is.

In 8th grade, she chose not to wear fake legs but instead got around on a skateboard. Has a passion cars, knows how to repair and maintain them, even got a Mustang customised for herself. Then learning to skate when her son wanted to learn ice hockey.

What else can I say? She's amazing and she puts many to shame. In her words, "Life doesn't owe you a living... You deal with it."

Read Rose's story here.

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