Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Running

Ran 57min along East Coast this morning. Almost 9km perhaps? Aviva Tri was on. Nope, no desire to pick up a bike, although I am reading Mark Beaumont's autobiographical journey he made of 18,297 miles around the world in 81 days.

After u-turning at my halfway point in front of Macs, a fellow runner tapped me on the arm--I briefly wondered which friend I had bumped into--and told me to turn back before I overshot. Turns out this guy thought I was part of his running troupe. I muttered "On my own" and waved him off. And continue plodding I did.

I wonder if he had paced me till then. But I think it's really time to shed the solitude runs and join a serious running group into serious training. (Note to self: be careful what commitments you put in writing)

Over breakfast, was reading Erwin McManus on enjoying life the way God intended us to. Not in a careless pursuit of pleasures that consume us more than we consume them, but just to savour the journey and the company around. Admittedly work recently is draining more than driving me. Drucker told of how the worker in the modern corporation needs to see the big picture to find meaning in work.

Seriously need fresh inspiration, fresh methods and most of all, fresh pursuit of this year's goals. New music, new books, new movies, new sermons, new ideas... You know, the Hebrew word for new means new. Duh.

Alright, signing out. Here, check out this cool MV by Phoenix - Run Run Run.

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