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Miles David - Kind of Blue (1959)

Trumpeter Chris Botti says he was drawn to "Kind of Blue" as a high school student in Oregon in the '70s, and features "Flamenco Sketches" in his repertoire, including it on his latest CD/DVD, "In Boston."

"It's a jazz song but the chords are just so open ... and it's incredibly satisfying to play," said Botti.

"Jazz musicians are never known for their restraint and this record is perfect in its restraint. I believe this record is more of a pop album than a jazz album. ... Miles didn't have a hit song, he had a hit mood."

Read MSNBC article on "Kind of Blue" turning 50.

Explain Inception visually...

See winning infographic from Inception contest.

Here's the runner-up:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A hungry man is a hungry man

Me? Work my word magic??

Haven't been blogging. Possibly because Twitter & Facebook have provided quick reprieve. But mostly because spare time and coherent ideas are few.

Heroes of Faith (the campaign) has kept me busy and sleepless and hungry and restless from lack of exercise. The urge to complete tasks properly is over-riding--from retail copywriting to charting marketing ideas to pondering about project hurdles.

My latest thought, revelation if you like: Meaningful life does not equal perpetual busy-ness with work, leaving little time for other pursuits. Surely some disagree. Passion is in the pursuit, they say! Yeah, tell that to your neglected friends and God you'll meet in heaven.

So what keeps me going? I dunno...a high degree of responsibility? A conviction to do my utmost? Lack of social life?

Communication is life, so I've tweeted. My BlackBerry (which I'm posting through at this very moment) has changed how I communicate and stay plugged in. Surely novelty loses its sheen, yet emails/sms/BBMs/tweets/FB updates all continue to chirp incessantly throughout the day. It calls, it pulls...beckons & beguiles... Regrets I've not, but rather awareness of the potential giddying pace of life without.

Life, love, live, learn, linger, longing...

Been plugging in to Dr Bernard's recent messages on growth, renewal and core values. What does growth & development mean to you? Should we be contented where we are? Is it possible to balance that fine line between being achievement-driven and accepting of self?

Asking questions--the right ones. Posing questions that are sometimes rhetoric, sometimes not immediately answerable. What is your/my intent?

Life and death lie in words and their power to make and unmake. What power we have at the tip of our tongues and pens and keypads, yet how abused or under-utilised it really is.

What future do you see for yourself? Be brave, be bold, be brilliantly you.