Thursday, September 30, 2010

Into The Wind

Steve Nash's documentary on Terry Fox

From Fast Company: As a boy growing in Western Canada, Nash followed the remarkable story of Fox, a fellow British Columbian, who, after losing his leg to cancer as a 20-year-old college basketball player, set out in 1980 to run the length of Canada to raise money for cancer research. Fox’s Marathon of Hope required him to run a marathon or more a day on his prosthesis, and became daily front-page news throughout the country.

When I spent time with Nash in Vancouver late last year, he and Ezra Holland, his cousin, co-director and co-founder of production company Meathawk, were hard at work editing. In between playing a Phoenix Suns pre-season game and making various appearances, Nash talked excitedly about the film shoot that summer and showed me footage on his iPhone.

“I got to drive the van!” he gushed at one point. He meant Fox’s van, a sacred vehicle in Canada.

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