Friday, September 24, 2010

Of Leaders And Men

It's easy to criticise leadership. In fact, it's tempting and kind of self-gratifying to notice and highlight observations of what seems like flaws and anything less becoming and inspiring. Question is, would I do better if in their shoes?

That said--like my colleague said--hang on to your ideals! There are times and there's a season for change, I believe.

Why are things the way they are? What can leaders do to inspire followership (new word!). What does it mean to renew from within? If we--I--a la Washingon, feel more like a farmer than the first general and president, what should drive us and motivate us? Do we see the big picture? Can we handle the big picture? Like real biiiiiiig??

Remembered this from a few nights ago: nobody likes to work with a driver, that is, a slave driver! Men--me--need our leaders to know us, empathise with us, appreciate us... It's so easy to rattle on. So...are you--I--living it?

If you're a leader, lead with your heart (heard during this afternoon's farewell speech). If you're a follower? Well, do as your heart guides, I guess.

Be a leader.

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