Monday, October 11, 2010

Stroll among the giants

Thoughts as I walk through botanic gardens in mid-morning:

I saw a tree whose limb growing long sideways needed 2 posts to prop it up. So nice of its tenders not to amputate. After all, trees naturally grow sideways and not upwards. Gives it more character and figure.

Can a tree grow too big for its own good? How big can a tree grow anyway? As tall as its roots are deep, one would say. Some of these seem like a good 7 storeys high! Some buttress roots alone are big enough to fill a small room! Though we can't see them but surely those roots dig deep down.

One big tree on the green (gee, they are all on the green aren't they) had some branches culled. If this wasn't so, I wonder if the tree might collapse. On the whole, it was big and magnificent, the centre of attention. Another had knobbly roots that crawled towards the pavement. Another's crown was nearer the top like a giant cabbage.

Where do trees find nourishment from? For sure, they don't worry about the weather or nutrients in the soil or whether their branch looks lopsided. They just leaf, flower, bear fruits, shade and give restless butts temporary relief--and simply keep growing. It takes years and decades and centuries but God willing, that tree, this tree, these trees will no doubt spring up into majestic works of nature.

Surely no one sees all this happening. Not even the cicadas whose steady chorus never seems to end.

Who knows what trees we'll see in heaven?

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