Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What makes you happy?

Have your best year yet, Enjoy your day, Keep rocking, Lotsa breakthroughs... Birthday wishes were sure gushing in many-ly on Facebook (gone are the days of birthday cards...)

Been a fulfilling day of not so much good food but simply great company. Was at work today instead of taking the day off. Lunched with colleagues and we laughed plenty over jokes and jabs. Dined with friends and we laughed over lame jokes and jabs. Am glad for friends (must remember to remember my friends).

Got home to family who prayed for me and walloped the cakes in minutes! We're a simple family with simple ways and simple faith (most of us, at least).

Found out yesterday that a colleague who's young, single and spunky finally returned from a 2-month break which she spent backpacking through South America. Beyond the guts, it's certainly a real luxury (not cheap!) but what's more, how can anyone drop and go? How can I bear that others are bearing the burden for me? Or am I wrong to think this way?

A leader has to take criticism, said someone to me recently. Who's a leader? What makes a leader? Does it matter whether he's labelled a leader? What does it mean to lead? For sure, it's not only about vision and directing skills, but also having the capacity for a heart that cares...that focuses on the persons of the people. What is it that makes people run for a leader, love him, rally after him, defend him, give their best for him?

Oh btw, happy birthday to self.

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