Sunday, October 03, 2010

Where do we go from here?

Closing paragraph from "The Reason For God" by Timothy Keller:

"During a dark time in her life, a woman in my congregation complained that she prayed over and over, 'God, help me find you,' but had got nowhere. A Christian friend suggested to her that she might change her prayer to, 'God, come and find me. After all, you are the Good Shepherd who goes looking for the lost sheep.' She concluded when she was recounting this to me, 'The only reason I can tell you this story is--he did.'"

One's faith--one that saves--is born not of the good deeds or gracious behaviour or respectable position all earned and developed through self and labour. But really and simply a trust and giving of self to the Divine that is built upon a deep realisation of how weak and...human we are.

It's not what you can do or have done, but what He's done, why He did it, and will still do in your life and mine.

Receive it and pass it on. That's how the moment started.

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