Monday, November 29, 2010


Every hero needs a buddy, someone to call as back-up. Got this from Spider Man 3.

A superhero might try going it alone but when the villains get too powerful for you, man, you need a super pal!

Someone who knows what you're like, who knows what and who you like, who knows how to work with you. Tag team's the best! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


By Ryohei Yoshiyuki

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Only

By John Mark McMillan

All day long
We are sinking just like stones
Into the shadow of your kindness
In this shade
Between the wingspan of your face is
The only place
Where we can bed these burdens down
so I

Lift my eyes up to the hills
Who is gonna help me now

You're my only
You're my only
You're my only hope

Tangled up
In the great ridiculous
Way you love
it is the only way to live
There's no escape
When you look at me that way
Staring like a deer into the headlights of your praises

Lift my eyes up to the hills
Who is gonna help me now

You're my only
You're my only
You're my only hope
You're my only
You're my only
You're my only hope

And you come like the sun
With pockets full of redemption
And you come
With the sun
With the sun

And you come like the sun
With pockets full of redemption
And you come
With the sun
With the sun

With the sun
With the sun
With the sun
With the sun
With the sun
With the sun

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Health and wealth

It's been on my mind how fragile our human bodies are. I hear story after story of how colleagues or their loved ones struggle with illnesses and physical conditions that hamper their lives and also affect the ones around them.

Then there are some accounts of healing, surely divine, that encourage. Like one who underwent chemo to rid a growth in her brain. And another who bounced back after her womb was removed.

And there are those who have lost limbs and mobility. Yet they persist in living life normally (can you call finishing a vertical marathon normal?) and victoriously.

Focus on the frailty of organic life and surely despair will set in. Face the certainty of death and hopelessness overwhelms. and I are not God. Did you forget how would we know the answers and the way ahead?

Are we given to live in fear and worry and anxiety and tears and negative talk?

What's the alternative?

Health and wealth. They begin in the spirit.

How do you want to live today?

Monday, November 22, 2010


Have you ever looked into photos and seen the belying sadness of the guy who pictured them?

Where's the soul been trapped all this while? Where's the folly of it all?

Feedback is not a sound. It is the reactions you bring out from those you reveal yourself to.

Living to express yourself vs. finding yourself through others... In life's journey, your interests morph and your view shifts.

Timelessness. Restlessness. Desire to settle.

Look out before life and lives pass you by.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pursuit of hope

If you had absolute power, would you share it with others?

If you could, would you endeavour to better the lives of people?

Pain and sadness need no language to be felt.

Hope is like the sun and having it is like keeping your eyes open. Where hope and desire persist, would you follow after, no matter the distance?

For men and women, each lives the same purpose and lifespan to survive. And the same childhood innocence and human will pervade. Yet circumstances and pursuits differ.

This rendition haunts. Their condition mourns. Those tears foreign but no doubt real.

Choose life, choose "will" and choose to dream.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good things must share

A friend is someone you can tell truthful things about yourself without worrying wat they think.

A brother is someone who keeps going with you, especially when you feel like giving up.

Words are like a mirror reflecting your own self, revealing...well, you.

Who can you sit comfortably with for more than four hours and just talk? Hang on to that connection. Because in this world of shallow smiles where trust is a falling currency, you want such moments, more than you realise you actually need.

Perhaps just as He says, I am God, trust Me...I am friend, trust me.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't label me

Don't label me a thinker because I ask why.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When you feel like giving up

When you feel like giving what exactly are you giving up?

When you ask why this and why that, what exactly are you questioning?

Now, spirituality isn't birthed in a 30-min quiet time or a goosebump-inducing revelation moment.

Tethered at your roots, who's your source? In winter's deep, what's keeping you grounded?

When you close your eyes, what do you see? What picture of the future do you see?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Details determine destiny

Forewarned by my previous director, I set about my perfectionist streak to be as detailed and determined as I could. Thankfully some things that were unclear even a week before simply fell into place.

Set in motion by a good intention and a positive attitude--and a good reputation--the build-up leading to the actual event was just marvellous. I'm grateful for a responsive and responsible collective team of confident and "can-do" people.

The dust ain't settled though. Documentation, doggedly digging for a firm solution ahead, and determining to do what's right... One's To-Do list abounds and never clears.

What else gives?

What's it like to shout what you think should deserve an energetic response return nary an echo? In this world of electronic pings and pokes, silence is not heard because collateral noise covers up almost immediately. Kinda like a 7-second memory, or maybe...never mind.

Worth, value and reward. What drives you? I'm not talking about goals but your inner belief and idea of who and how you and your life's work will be deemed.

Not yet, not now,

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


At which point do you stop running and you face up to your fears barking and coming after you?

Just when you thought it was about to end and they are kept at bay, they turn and (actually expectedly) bound after you.

SSHHH is all you manage in the dead of the night.

Running away and filling your days with busy-ness. To the point the void you've been feeling all along can no longer stay void.

It's simplistic but is love and friendship really the goodie powerful all-be-it that separates the ultimate winner and hero?

Don't answer.

Two are better than one. I've said that. Faced back to back, the fears don't disappear but at least you've got backup.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Words elude photography. Documenting scenes and people as-is. Drawing out the inner person to the fore, sometimes to do the unusual and comical.

Clothes or san clothes, it exposes and captures that quality of being in each. Technical challenges abound until you learn to master and control the medium you work with.

What separates art from...Alright, let's not go there.

What would it look like if I could snap a picture of Zaccheus perched on a tree? What would it look like if I snapped a picture of Joshua, his priests and men and the Ark circling the city?

Friday, November 05, 2010

Light Up The Sky

The Afters

Thursday, November 04, 2010


From Scott Brignac

Monday, November 01, 2010


Why do we burn out when we burn out?

Placing our hope in the wrong thing, despairing that our situation is hopeless, flitting towards what should be bane...

What gives??

Walking through life, what is the one thing we can place our trust and hope in? Is faith always blind? Must I see it to have it?

Maybe you should keep your answers to yourself because each cross is for each to bear.

Drop it or face it. Endure it or deal with it.

Don't just keep at it but brandish what you're good at, savour what you enjoy, tweak how you've been doing things.

Discomfort is not dysfunction. So go burn yourself to a crisp. You'll discover more of yourself. Sorta.