Friday, November 12, 2010

Details determine destiny

Forewarned by my previous director, I set about my perfectionist streak to be as detailed and determined as I could. Thankfully some things that were unclear even a week before simply fell into place.

Set in motion by a good intention and a positive attitude--and a good reputation--the build-up leading to the actual event was just marvellous. I'm grateful for a responsive and responsible collective team of confident and "can-do" people.

The dust ain't settled though. Documentation, doggedly digging for a firm solution ahead, and determining to do what's right... One's To-Do list abounds and never clears.

What else gives?

What's it like to shout what you think should deserve an energetic response return nary an echo? In this world of electronic pings and pokes, silence is not heard because collateral noise covers up almost immediately. Kinda like a 7-second memory, or maybe...never mind.

Worth, value and reward. What drives you? I'm not talking about goals but your inner belief and idea of who and how you and your life's work will be deemed.

Not yet, not now,

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