Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Health and wealth

It's been on my mind how fragile our human bodies are. I hear story after story of how colleagues or their loved ones struggle with illnesses and physical conditions that hamper their lives and also affect the ones around them.

Then there are some accounts of healing, surely divine, that encourage. Like one who underwent chemo to rid a growth in her brain. And another who bounced back after her womb was removed.

And there are those who have lost limbs and mobility. Yet they persist in living life normally (can you call finishing a vertical marathon normal?) and victoriously.

Focus on the frailty of organic life and surely despair will set in. Face the certainty of death and hopelessness overwhelms.

Well...you and I are not God. Did you forget how would we know the answers and the way ahead?

Are we given to live in fear and worry and anxiety and tears and negative talk?

What's the alternative?

Health and wealth. They begin in the spirit.

How do you want to live today?

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