Sunday, December 05, 2010

Thoughts over 5h05m plod

  • Pre-race start, waiting for bro to deposit his bag. Where is he?? Must have gone ahead without me. Here I go.

  • 5.30am. Late start. Nice running down Orchard road under christmas lighting.

  • Not wearing specs--where are we??

  • It's blue everywhere. I see running buddies, couples, a few guys with funny gait...everyone looks young, lean and well, fit for running.

  • "those who wait on the LORD...They shall mount up with wings like eagles..."

  • Picture eagle soaring. Within.

  • Still picturing eagle.

  • Ooh, new east coast scenery :)

  • Some girl cheers from the side, "Keep going! Keep going!"

  • What a silent run in my mind. No song in my jukebox within. Suddenly Captivated starts to play. Followed by Shine Like Stars a la reggae beat, for some distance.

  • 13km to go! Last quarter leg to go. Can I clock 4h30m? Keep the pace. Picture eagle.

  • I run because I choose to. Not because I have to.

  • Throat and nose didn't act up this morning. Quietly thank God under breath.

  • Why am I torturing myself? Time to find new pastime...

  • Left thigh cramp. Urgh. Help!

  • I run because I can. So is this a good idea? I'm running today because He prompted me not to fall out. Definitely God's idea.

  • Walk. Jog. Walk. Jog. Walk. Dizzy. Jog. Walk. Dizzy. Shuffle uphill. Yay!

  • Final 2km! "I press on!"

  • Clocked 5h05m! Sugar low moment--dazed & vision's blurred. Sit down for 5min. Nice race official makes sure I'm ok.

  • Home-bound.

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Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

Anyway, congratulations for finishing the race!