Monday, December 06, 2010

While running

Got this quote in my email today:
Thank God for running. It is the ultimate detox for me, whether my poison is bubbles, a foul mood, or a bad attitude. If I combat inertia, get out, and get moving, eventually every kind of toxin works its way out.
~Kristin Armstrong, Author and runner

I can run without an MP3 player for long distances because thoughts and songs occupy me when I run. Sometimes my thoughts are clarified and resolved. Once after a 30min jog, I decided to attend cell group meeting. During yesterday's run, I thought about how manhood is a choice. Once I felt terrible after a run.

Running while thinking. Our soul needs to get out. Fresh air (exhaust fumes notwithstanding), nice scenery, new terrain, fellow runners though strangers...I guess this is solitude. Get away from deadlines, tasks, email, people...noise in general.

I like to run. I like to think. Yet I also acknowledge that alone, I won't find the peer challenge and the peer wisdom to get better. That's why it's high time to find running buddies who run like you, keep pace with you, train with you...does this mean I lose the solo runs? Doubt it.

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Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

Well, Carol can be your jogging buddy, I guess?