Monday, December 20, 2010

Wishes, Goals and Resolutions

The year trots to an end. New resolutions are bubbling. Easy to set, fun to write, how hard do you/I want them to come to pass?

One thing I really want to change: To think positively and have an attitude of a change-maker. Talking to self, internal dialogue--it's extremely pivotal, the things you dwell and meditate upon, that is, reinforcing in the mind.

A friend blogged that often we set goals instead of making true resolutions. It's easy, too easy to write lofty goals down.

It's not just a wishlist which suggests passive acceptance of fate. It's not an empty confession of possibilities.

What makes the difference between fluffy stuff and reality? What's the price to pay, the labour of focus and resolve?

Say yes. Say let it be. Say I will.

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