Sunday, January 02, 2011

The heart longs ever so faithful

A deep hunger within stirs, lulls, moans for satisfaction. Neglected and unsated, the same wounds and issues go unhealed and remain unresolved. In circles you go till breakthrough is wrought.

Now the heart is a funny thing. It cries, it laughs, it weeps, it calls for attention, it gets bored, it gets tangled in woes and worries. Draw on Life and let dreams fill you. Draw on pain and it will prick you.

Fire breeds passion. Iron sharpens iron. Faith inspires purpose. Surely one heart can gel and connect many others! Loose your vision, be specific and call others to might! Winsome wins hands down!

Inspiration. Desperation. In transition. Transformation.

Let your dream be revived and revved to fruition.

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