Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of Men and Leadership

If you had men to command, how would you lead them? 3 men? 10 men? 20 men? 100? 3000?

Structure, roles, expectations, planning, preparations, regulations, shared understanding, familiar faces, art of communication---ingredients for not just achieving objectives but building an enduring organisation of men to fulfil its mission.

Lessons along the way:

1) Separate planning from admin and define clear roles for each. Planning the direction forward and paving the way of advancement, while admin ensures the people are prepared and keeping in line. Different strengths and personalities serve the demands of each role. Can we expect one to be rotated to perform another?

2) Being decisive and involved is a function of risk-taking, focus and ownership. What makes someone step up to take the lead? What makes someone notice a need and resolve it? Is it independence of thought, innate sense of responsibility and the willingness to bite the bullet?

Be the change you want to see, it's said. Can a ripple of intent change effect progress in an established eco-system? Define your mental model first before you answer that. Transformation is kindled during pivotal moments, yet it takes persistence and progressive work to make it great.

Seek insight, wisdom and discernment of the season. Strength comes from clarity of purpose and commitment of hearts and minds. So build strength where it's needed.

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Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

Agree. We need to separate planning from admin.