Saturday, January 29, 2011

Questions on leadership

Questions that occurred to me in the course of 2 weeks in camp. Questions to ponder answers to.

1) What makes officers assume positions of leadership and authority? How do you ensure they carry themselves with dignity and responsibility? By the weight of the authority and powers vested in them? Then what motivates exemplary, selfless behaviour? What about personal pride and concern for others, do they come from within? Is it high EQ and good character that make excellent officers?

2) What do you do with people who don't work well with other people? If they don't take instructions well, how do you still bring them along and not leave them out? How do you bring them from "I" to "We" towards a common objective? Self-awareness is well, self-developed right, what about other-awareness and other-orientation? I guess it takes some other to come alongside to inspire this self to change.

3) Are you afraid of hard work, dirty work, dangerous work? Might we have a mantra where work and challenges are readily embraced? Rewards and recognition help to shape a culture that loves to work. Oh, not forgetting a revelation of the right perspective regarding self, others and the possibilities.

4) Do you lead by example and active involvement? When you do--or fail to do so--people remember it for years. A leader's presence--and absence--is tangibly felt, even on the ground. He sets the direction, the tempo and success markers. He engages positively and defines roles and expectations. A good leader is one who pulls and brings others up together with him. Realise this: one's solo efforts can bring success but with a leader's help, progress can certainly be spurred and hastened.

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