Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Accepting love is accepting an other who accepts you for who you are. If you can't or don't accept yourself, then can you open your life to receive the other?

Watched Love and Other Drugs and other than lots of skin and sex shown, it's really about acceptance. A suave and successful man who feels the need to prove himself so as to earn his parents' approval--he can't state his strengths and good points when asked. A woman struggling with the onset of Parkinson's and the pain of being rejected by the ex. They struggle to accept themselves & eventually each other.

You know, the view from above is usually clear and unobstructed. You get to look across to other structures and recognise the activities of others from that vantage point. Can we see our own lives from above? Well, you know what I mean.

Without love, we are nothing. Seen the world? Real knowledgeable & well-spoken? Yet not doing what you feel should be done... So with love, what are we? Can we really build a life with no regrets? Read this quote recently: You find strength when you are loved, courage when you love someone.

Accept it. Accept self, accept love, accept the other.


Flowers said...

Well-said. I should check out the movie. Many of my clients struggle with the issue of self acceptance. I am no exception, I guess. We all want to be loved, to be accepted. But we will never feel truly loved or accepted if we do not accept ourselves for who we are.

Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

Well, Edmund, I am still on the journey to understand what love is :P

Ed said...

Me too, Jef. Me too.