Friday, March 11, 2011

Can you play music?

For the love of music and connecting souls through music... Talent, musicianship, singing through your instrument... Man was made to sing, to find rhythm, to make melody, form harmony, and keep doing it ad infinitum. Ad lib makes it all the more varied and interesting!

What's life if our eardrums are not constantly stirred by good stuff?? Amazing stuff! High energy stuff! Stuff that leaves you bopping and humming the next day and many days more...

It takes passion, hard work and actually a persistence to keep moving even when you trip and fall. No doubt about it. A clear goal, persistent passion, courage to try, openness, mutual chemistry and a lifetime of preparation--ingredients for a life....

Why do some acts dazzle but others just fizzle and drizzle? What makes for excellent showmanship? Energy? Creativity? Sincerity? Being talkative?? A great smile???

Can't live without music. So what should I do? New pursuits beckon!

1 comment:

Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

I can't play music.
In fact, music is for me to get rid of sleepiness in lab
:P :P :P