Friday, April 15, 2011

Thinking of Success

You need brains to be rich and powerful. Is it just brains alone though?

Watched Limitless with my bro and wondered aloud en route home, do smarts determine a person's place in life and in society?

Intellectual capacity, efficiency and ability to connect-the-dots...we already have it, don't we? Latent and untapped, what's the trigger that transforms potential into potency? And what's holding us back? For sure, distractions (like Facebook) and emotional prisons don't help.

Below are pointers picked up from the show on being effective in one's life--easy to state, takes effort to follow through consistently:
  • Be organised - Be neat and remove clutter from your life.
  • Be intent - Be determined and focused on success
  • Have an action plan - Identify the resources and skills you need to succeed
  • Be networked - Get connected and know that no matter how smart you might be, you need others to pull you up.
  • Be fruitful - Don't waste your time and energy on distractions that don't add any value to you or others around
  • Be open to trying new solutions - Who knows exactly what panacea awaits you?
  • Be prepared to work hard - Period.

Final thought to ponder: How do you define success in life? Money, fame, power, influence, having changed the world?

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