Saturday, June 18, 2011


Leafing through yearbooks, recalling faces, places and events, I have to dig deep to refresh memories of days long past.

These days, I'm straining to clear today's demands while trying to be certain of tomorrow's hopes.

The question always remains: What am I living for? How do I get to those distant dreams?

Through faith and obedience, someone pointed out over a text message.

Life, a series of steps and hopefully few missteps, is--should be--about moving forward, onward...

Sermon after sermon, day after day, change and transformation come through decision, dedication and dogged drive.

I wish...for closer company to see one through.

Thoughts on a slightly cool evening.


trawler666 said...

Idk if I would say hopefully few missteps. Missteps are how we learn, and life is mainly a learning experience. Enjoy your posts though, followed.

Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

"I wish...for closer company to see one through."

Are you referring to a girlfriend company here?