Saturday, June 04, 2011


Courage, commitment, creativity and conduct--lessons of the past 3 weeks.

#1 - Courage - Do you dare to pursue what you want? Wait, do you know what you want?? Do SOMETHING even if it costs you. Why else would you bother, if not for a life well-lived?

#2 - Commitment - What takes highest priority? Is that thing/activity/habit really so important? Can you re-evaluate and re-order your life?

#3 - Creativity - Creating something from, well, not always nothing. But can you think alternatives and possibilities? And always consider win-win solutions, especially for the ones you serve? What are the goals anyway? What avenues are available to you?

#4 - Conduct - You affect the environment, i.e. other persons, the atmosphere. Too often we neglect this. And what attitude do you carry? Lone ranger? Meek servant? Warm, genuine personality who's available to connect?

Happy-ness gotta be pursued. So, pursue it with all your heart!

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Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

Jiayou, Edmund!
Let's pursue it!