Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Growth (again)

We all work for a better life, don't we...

...don't we?

Without progress--the desire and ability to progress--what else would keep us going?

More money? Better work-life balance? Children who can enjoy a better life? Fulfilling a Grand Purpose? Doing good so others can enjoy a better life?

What's the alternative?

Do nothing. Do the same. Do a little more?

Should we expect radical improvement? Certainly!

Do we work radically hard? Of course!

So...what gives? What's keeping us--me--back from breaking through?

Progress is the keeps of hard workers (check), smart workers (err, check), anointed workers (hmm, check), selfless workers (hmm).

If someone else isn't up to par, or so you think, what do you do?

1) Give him a shelling
2) Give him encouragement
3) Teach him how to progress
4) Give him incentive
5) Threaten penalty...
(repeat ad infinitum)

To what extent do you do the above?

Change, challenge, the heart of it, yieldedness, methinks.

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