Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Way of Life

Today I saw 3 air-con technicians come into my office and 2 risked their lives. One had to climb up a ladder and standing almost 2 meters higher, he extended upwards to reach the ceiling air-conditioner. Off-balance would mean off-ladder.

The other's task was more daunting--as the compressor was mounted outside the window, he was to perch over the slim window sill to unscrew the compressor cover. Did I mention it's an old building with a simple window frame? The other technician had to prop up the window pane (it swings upwards) while grabbing his buddy's pants. 10 minutes in, I heard the supporting technician complaining his hand was trembling.

My dad says that many years ago when he used to climb trees, he fell from one. Stunned and paralysed momentarily, he said he couldn't move. He tells me maybe I wouldn't be around today if something had happened to him.

We all have a way of life. You and yours. Me and mine. No matter how connected we think we are, some paths will never meet.

What opens our eyes, mind and heart to another's realm? A care for others? A willingness to get into another's shoes? A realisation that it's really people that make us human? A hunger to do business and make money? A drive to make a difference?

Reading Thomas Friedman's book and he writes about the Chinese duplicating the American consumerist way of life. What is enough to bring contentment?

Passion and drive are great...necessary for meaning in life! But where do you draw the line?

Passion vs. Passivity. Purpose vs. Plodding. Prayer vs. Powerlessness.

Perceive. Position. Produce.

Choose a way of life that'll be praiseworthy and productive.

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Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

Those air con technicians should be rewarded with higher salary.