Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Struggling from task to task, I'm losing sight of an easier, more efficient way to do things. Be smarter, ask for smarts, look smart. For now, it's just smarting, lacking sleep and progress in good order.

No matter, you've got to try and keep trying. And don't give up. Most importantly, see the need beyond yourself. Bill Wilson says, "I have to go." In spite of age, dangers, real wounds, you just have to keep going.

Now go get better, bigger, brighter!

But don't lose sight of what you're doing it for. Is that happening to you?

Leaders lead forward. Every hero of faith mentioned is a leader. Am I a hero? Are you a hero? What makes a hero? Certainly the willingness to stand for something.

Make something your mission. It doesn't have to be a great and noble thing. Even something small can be significant.

Now what season am I in? In a thick season, that's for sure.

Thoughts, tasks, issues, replies...What can I keep my head above the water, above the thick of things where there is air and clarity?

The condition within--heart, soul, spirit, body--affect the conditions without. We should know this but like an onion, not every layer peels off easily. It's not that you'll cry but that there's a season for that too. Is this an excuse, masking a reluctance to deal with issues?

I hope not.

Condition, conditioning, conditions. Identify the issues impacting you and others. Else breakthrough will be elusive.

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