Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is as boldness does

It sounds sexy to declare that you're bold and daring. To say that you're creative, progressive and visionary.

Living it is an entirely different story.

Why are we where we are? Are we the victim of choices made while we were hapless?

Surely there's a purpose behind my being here and doing what I do. Do you not see it? Do you not seek to live it?

The day we die and go to heaven, what will that day be like for you? For me?

What can we live for that warrants giving our all? Yes, that elusive calling that many say they do not know.

The need is the call, have you heard?

I need you, I call you. Ha!

God needs you, God calls you! Ha, you follow? Or harrumph, let's see about that...

What's the most crucial quality that decides your destiny? I believe it's willingness. Yes, many things are factored in, such as faith, commitment, smarts etc. But willingness? It's like the rudder of a ship. You don't see it immediately but you sure see where he's heading!

Decide to dwell on the positive, major on what matters to your Superior, persist till fruits are born and do your best, no matter how you feel.

Get better, not bitter--have you heard this?
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ps Kong - 17 Sep (Sat) - Wisdom

Wisdom is a gift from God. Solomon asked for it.

Wisdom is better than gold, better than strength.

There was none like Solomon after his time.

Pro 30:24-28 - 4 things caught his attention. 4 little creatures, so insignificant, yet got the attention of the world's wisest man.

Some scholars say that if you can understand these creatures, you'll understand the entire Proverbs.

1) Ants

An ant can lift many times its own weight!

They have houses and structure. They are wise in their...


During summer, they store food for winter. Eventually winter food, it's unbearably cold.

Their message: You got to prepare for the winter season.

Every failure is a stepping stone to success. It's okay to fail--as long as you fail forward!

Improve your EQ and emotional relationships because they will determine how successful and happy you'll be.

*Must improve interpersonal skills*

God has put eternity in my heart. Like the ant, we got to prepare for our life in heaven. Seek the Lord!

Heb 9 - Look for Him.

Lk 22:9-12 - Look for 4 things:

- City: Seek righteousness
- Man with pitcher: Submit yourself under a spirit-filled ministry
- House: Fellowship, connected with one another
- Upper room: To serve and minster--OVERTIME

Upper room is a place of power!

*Live with urgency! Because one day you stand before Jesus.*

Remember: Winter will surely come. Eternity will come. Prepare and prepare and prepare!

2) Rock Badgers

Feeble, yet make home in the crags.

It is very vulnerable and timid. It's slow-moving!

It acknowledges its weaknesses. So it seeks protection from the rock.

Everyone has a weakness...

Make the rock your HABITATION

Whatever your weakness, make the Rock your protection!

Psa 61:1-4 - What are you building your life upon?

3) Locusts

Unity: Agreement = Power


They have no king or leadership. Alone, a locust is powerless.

When locusts come together, they become the great army of God!

They work and flow together.

2 can put 10,000 to flight!

Individual tools can't do much until they come together!

Pro 6:16-19 - In every church, there are people seeking to sow discord. And it is an abomination to God.

Satan's strategy is to Divide and Conquer.

*Stay connected*

4) Spider


Nothing can sweep a spider away.

A spider just keeps weaving its web and staying in the king's palace.

In any trial, don't give up!

*Take hold of your calling and destiny of God!*

*Dont quit!*

Edison, Einstein, Beethoven, Disney all didn't give up!

Gecko - Secretes a solution in its hands to cling.

Faith is clinging on to the promises of the bible.

*I will still hold on!!!*

Gal 6:9 -
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Friday, September 16, 2011

To Confront Or Not To Confront

We are relational people. We are also imperfect people. Faced with behaviour that's less than what's becoming, what do you say to correct it? To correct him or her?

The word of God is active and alive. Let it uncover our inner being. God doesn't want to harm us or belittle us, but only to better us.

We might be task-oriented, but God's always destiny-oriented. So don't be afraid of being corrected and humbling yourself to change, willing yourself to try something different.

Faithfulness is this, I guess.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


How honest are you with yourself and with others?

Just started reading this book, Honestly by Johnnie Moore, who starts off sharing his personal crisis of faith, sparked by his parents' divorce and then asks, are we living out what we say we believe in?

Recently a friend shared how his fellow member was so frustrated while trying to organise a gathering among the group, he exploded and posted an uncensored rant in their Facebook page. My friend mentioned something in this person's rant that got me: that others weren't doing what they espoused.

Can I end up praying one thing, repeating that one thing, yet living altogether a different thing? A person of faith's gotta have faith. A person loved gotta love others.

Reputation speaks a lot. What do others remember of you? What does your boss think of you?

Can life be simpler? Sure it can. Find a field somewhere and rear your own crops for subsistence.

Get better? Yeah... Do it.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Divine Connections

Pray for divine connections. Get divine connections.

People of the same spirit draw together, move together in one direction.

You never know how God can move you, move on your behalf, move others.


Our God moves. Surely, not glacially, on time, in season, on target.

Am I being flown on an unseen autopilot or am I flying my own?

I don't understand everything. Do I need to? I'm not the brightest or boldest. Yet in the fullness of time, everything I have gone through comes to bear.

Live for the things that matter. Love the people that matter. Make wise choices and stay committed.

God, help me to move in the might of God and with divine strategies.
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Thursday, September 08, 2011


Isn't it amazing that a hunk of a plane--fuselage, hull, cargo, passengers--can take off into the air, propelled by comparatively tiny but powerful engines?

Exploiting physics and aerodynamics, we owe it to man's willingness to imagine, persist and innovate.

From what starts as a vague dream with raw starts, sophistication kicks in as the creator learns to grasp rules, principles and the knack of taking off into the sky--literally and metaphorically.

What keeps us from imagining? Thinking possibilities? Serving a God of no impossibilities, yet we naturally limit Him and ourselves. Easy to blog about, takes a lot to confront and change.

Let's aim to soar upon creativity.
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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Be Strong

One of those days and moments that you're asking why why why and want to cry cry cry on the sofa.

Fulfilment comes from, not a day packed with tasks, but when God says well done.

How do you know you're on the right track? First you gotta see the track, seek clarity and direction, and check the signs I guess.


Did You choose the wrong person? I can't help wonder. But I know the answer.

Be strong, bold, persistent and creative.
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