Tuesday, September 13, 2011


How honest are you with yourself and with others?

Just started reading this book, Honestly by Johnnie Moore, who starts off sharing his personal crisis of faith, sparked by his parents' divorce and then asks, are we living out what we say we believe in?

Recently a friend shared how his fellow member was so frustrated while trying to organise a gathering among the group, he exploded and posted an uncensored rant in their Facebook page. My friend mentioned something in this person's rant that got me: that others weren't doing what they espoused.

Can I end up praying one thing, repeating that one thing, yet living altogether a different thing? A person of faith's gotta have faith. A person loved gotta love others.

Reputation speaks a lot. What do others remember of you? What does your boss think of you?

Can life be simpler? Sure it can. Find a field somewhere and rear your own crops for subsistence.

Get better? Yeah... Do it.
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