Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is as boldness does

It sounds sexy to declare that you're bold and daring. To say that you're creative, progressive and visionary.

Living it is an entirely different story.

Why are we where we are? Are we the victim of choices made while we were hapless?

Surely there's a purpose behind my being here and doing what I do. Do you not see it? Do you not seek to live it?

The day we die and go to heaven, what will that day be like for you? For me?

What can we live for that warrants giving our all? Yes, that elusive calling that many say they do not know.

The need is the call, have you heard?

I need you, I call you. Ha!

God needs you, God calls you! Ha, you follow? Or harrumph, let's see about that...

What's the most crucial quality that decides your destiny? I believe it's willingness. Yes, many things are factored in, such as faith, commitment, smarts etc. But willingness? It's like the rudder of a ship. You don't see it immediately but you sure see where he's heading!

Decide to dwell on the positive, major on what matters to your Superior, persist till fruits are born and do your best, no matter how you feel.

Get better, not bitter--have you heard this?
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1 comment:

Jefri Sanusi Teguh said...

"The day we die and go to heaven, what will that day be like for you? For me?"

Well, Edmund, if God permits, I want to stay alive when Lord Jesus comes back. So, I can sense the transformation of this earthly body to heavenly body :)