Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hands up

How do you get people to volunteer to meet needs?

Step 1 - Identify your willing people. What character qualities are necessary? What about skills? Level of availability?

Step 2 - Decide how you're going to call them out. How are you going to mobilise them? And train them--character and skills withstanding?

Step 3 - Call them.

Step 4 - Equip them, empower them, inspire them, encourage them, know them, befriend them... What's your real motive now?

And there's a crucial prior step of seeking and defining a worthy vision. That's right, the V word that's oft said.

Hey, V also stands for Volunteers. Now, make sure you live out the example that paint with your words. Don't be hypocritical.

So is that it?

There's a journey of learning, a journey of building.

Start with the willing, persist with your will, and dream big.

To be lived.

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