Thursday, November 10, 2011


This thought occurred to me while on the loo: Why do we (my company) pay so much attention to details? Because we want the product and outcome to come out to be of a particular standard and quality.

Nit-picky? Fussy? Yes, with reason. Anal? Oh yeah, sure I gotta be. If I don't, someone above me will.

Don't expect handouts along the way, or live without outlaying any effort. Ditch the wrong beliefs and sow the seeds of faith.

Success, victory and breakthroughs come through hard, effective work and pushy persistence.

Seethe with righteous anger if you have to. Stamp on in authority. Live with vitality.

Be purposeful, absolutely so. So that you don't lose your edge and your dream.

Live--by the process you need to achieve the outcome you want.

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