Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Into own's realize survival involves others

I watched Into The Wild, a true account adapted to book and film about Christopher McCandless, an intrepid civilization-forsaking 23yo who hiked into Alaska and (inadvertently or not) never to return.

The show portrays his wanders first south then north for his ultimate goal of Alaska in his bid and, very sadly, his failed attempt to survive and exit the wild. More poignant are his thoughts and universalist outlook on life and society, and the odd lives and friendships he comes into contact with.

My observations through the show:

Chris's getting away from family--even gave himself a new name and identity--caused them grief and pain, yet his parents' fraught marriage also pained his life in deep ways. That's why he wanted to get away.

Can you and I or anyone really just abandon one's present identity and obligations and start anew elsewhere? Isn't that simply running away without dealing with the situation? Perhaps it is in venturing out that some discover their identity.
It seems he realizes in the end, from reading Tolstoy and own realization, that he can't live alone and happiness includes being with others. Initially he ditched his name and identity (white, middle-class, college graduate), but still remembers his family and his own christened name.

Family matters. To you, and you to them.

If he had been able to get wilderness survival tips, whether from someone physically with him or from the Internet, he might have made it out alive. But how long can one really survive on wild game (vitamins?), books (bored?) and nature (no one to share thoughts and feelings with)?

Such a nomad, live-off-the-land lifestyle is definitely not imaginable for city dwellers who are used to modern pleasures of food, entertainment, possessions etc. and career, money and aspirational wants.

Afternote thought: If Chris was alive today, would he have kept his social media accounts or would he have deleted and eschewed them totally? Since "happiness is not real until shared."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Accomplishing Goals!

Did I ever mention that I think podcasts are really wonderful?? So much to learn/enjoy, so easy to consume, yet so beneficial and inspiring, depending on what you listen to.

One health podcast that I started listening to about 6 months ago is this:

I won't bother to talk much about what this podcast is about (go find out for yourself!).

But this recent episode really inspired me to re-visit my goals and to get serious about them:

How To Accomplish Any Goal You Want, Overcome Addictions, And Reframe Your Thinking – With James Swanwick

Yes, another 5-steps-to-etc is prescribed, but it's not so much the formula, but the life lessons and practical wisdoms that I found useful and inspiring. Check out this podcast and this particular episode to learn more about goal setting and achieving them.

Alright, enough for tonight. Time to hit the sack--it's past my 10pm bedtime!

Welcome back!

Yikes! I haven't been blogging... Well, I originally started this blog, chronicling interesting places I had visited, and then about issues. Then life got busy, and our mobiles became almost un-detachable--sucked into time-whiling apps like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp--and among other things and blogging desire abated and vanished (who doesn't like being liked??).

Is it age? Is it a returning to old loves? Whatever it is, I've decided to re-ignite blogging and penning thoughts.

So here I am.