Sunday, October 19, 2014

Accomplishing Goals!

Did I ever mention that I think podcasts are really wonderful?? So much to learn/enjoy, so easy to consume, yet so beneficial and inspiring, depending on what you listen to.

One health podcast that I started listening to about 6 months ago is this:

I won't bother to talk much about what this podcast is about (go find out for yourself!).

But this recent episode really inspired me to re-visit my goals and to get serious about them:

How To Accomplish Any Goal You Want, Overcome Addictions, And Reframe Your Thinking – With James Swanwick

Yes, another 5-steps-to-etc is prescribed, but it's not so much the formula, but the life lessons and practical wisdoms that I found useful and inspiring. Check out this podcast and this particular episode to learn more about goal setting and achieving them.

Alright, enough for tonight. Time to hit the sack--it's past my 10pm bedtime!

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Camillia Dass said...

I really liked that link! Thank you!