Thursday, June 10, 2004

Burnt by Peanut Butter

During breakfast early this morning, I had toasted bread, thickly spread with peanut butter. I placed the plate at the edge of the table and bent down to pick something up. The next thing this sleepyhead remembered was searing hot pain on the right shoulder.

Grabbing a bunch of tissue paper, I immediately wiped off the offending, hot peanut butter. And off came a patch of skin. I probably stood there for quite a while, gaping at my first degree burn, the size of a 50cent coin.

Pink, naked flesh was staring back at me.

Thankfully G was around and saved the day. The cure for burns? Tender loving care and first aid. Peppered with some teasing about my congenital clumsiness - particularly potent in the early mornings.

When I told my friends about it, one remarked how doctors always reported the strangest of accidents happening and this was one of them.

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adderwyn said...

Moral Of The Story: Don't Ever Toast Bread With Peanut Butter