Friday, July 16, 2004

Up Sai Your Mewl, Sir?

That's our local, auntie-delivered version of "would you like to super size your meal?".

I recently caught Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me. It was every bit as entertaining and informative as described by reviews. It was also pretty ironic that I was buying a drink from Mac's just before the show.

Funniest moment: When a kid identified a saintly portrait of Jesus as George W Bush (in the same experiment, kids readily identified Ronald McDonald with ease).

Most sobering moment: On day 3 of his McExperiment, Spurlock force fed himself a super-sized meal - a large burger, a pound of fries & half a gallon of Coke. His lean figure literally couldn't stomach so much food and after 15 agonizing minutes, vomited all of it - to the audience's collective disgust.

As Spurlock himself points out, the film has achieved its main objective, which is to raise awareness of issues by becoming a talking point. It's interesting how MacDonald's chose to ignore Spurlock and to deny that its recent maneuvers were in response to his film.

At a bus-stop yesterday, I overheard 2 guys discussing the show, talking about the very same force-feeding scene. While Spurlock made me realize the adverse effects of eating processed food, these 2 guys made me wonder, do we all fully understand what personal responsibility entails?

A month ago, I was inspired by my McDonald's breakfast to post this entry which I never published:

Still Lovin' It?

Nothing beats piping hot pancakes and free flow of coffee first thing in the morning! Till you realize that it's 600 calories of mostly sugars and that margarine made from hydrogenated corn is bad for you.

How's that for a spoiler?

Other than that one moment of early morning folly, I haven't had another meal under the Golden Arches. In fact, the last time I put non-MacDonald's fries into my mouth, it was met with strong internals feelings of guilt and reprehension, followed a barrage of jokes from friends about widespread famine in parts of the world when I didn't finish my food. Yet rewind 10 years back in my life and you'll find me blissfully sharing an entire tray full of fries with other innocent, naive friends.

What's changed?
I believe it's heightened self-awareness and personal responsibility.

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