Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Out

First up: What does one do in a contested GRC on Polling Day? Why, vote, of course! It was over in 20min. The kiasu S'porean in me wanted to queue at 7.30am, honest! BTW voting is secret, so don't ask :)

After tuition, decided to zip to the flea market at Timberlux Centre. T'was hot & crowded inside the warehouse, sweaty bodies filing through narrow aisles, peering at used knick knacks. For some reason though, there were quite a few good-lookers in there, sellers & shoppers alike.

Didn't spend more than 10min in there; am into neither designer t-shirts nor women's fashion. Was intrigued by a Polaroid camera which for was going for $60, except was discouraged tt wouldn't be able to get film locally. In the end, I couldn't resist getting Omnibus, a compilation of Roald Dahl's bedtime stories for $8. Oh joy! :)

Next activity: Exploring Chinatown (see more pics here)

From a bustling People's Park to fresh chinese pastries to a trishaw contingent to elders fellowship to ah peks playing chess to a peaceful comics haven (i imagine readers trapped in pugilistic fantasy worlds) to... it's truly sights & smells galore :)

Must say though, Chinatown seems to have lost some of its character, with the wanton commercialization & relentless upgrading over the past decades. Treasure your memories, folks.

G brought me to Qun Zhong Eating House for xiao long bao. Quite good, I must say. Each dumpling is bite-size, a fine balance of meat, dough and the "dumpling essence" tt floods the mouth on first bite... Mmmm... As usual with G, we ate for 3 ppl - I blame it on the quaint dynamics we've.

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