Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Saturday Out

Watched some fringe films at Goethe Institut - Obras was interesting with its ITMFL-like feel, Fabulous Creatures was too abstract for most of us. Technical glitches were mildly annoying.

Popped over to a flea market at a warehouse opposite Miramar Hotel with cellgroup friends. Surprisingly darn crowded with a curiously bohemian mish-mash of subcultures. And free coke - the drink of coz! Had a kebab burger, realized the vendor's from far east plaza. Here's a tip if you wanna sell your junk, be more decisive when quoting prices, if not, you and your pals appear like you're conspiring against your customers.

Cellgroup was refreshing - have to renew my love for the word of God.

Met MINDEF orientation friends for dinner. Went to Le Petit Breton @ thomson - today's special was rabbit but wasn't our crepe of preference. Lovely place though and quite affordable. Had tea at Brown Box @ serangoon gardens. Talking about men and the lack thereof gave my friend a headache - haha!

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