Friday, March 25, 2005

Accidental Food Tour

Guess what I did on the Eve of Good Friday? After an evening swim at SAFRA Mount Faber, I zipped over to town...

8pm @ Pervis St Had dinner with chummy army pals with whom I'd shared blood/sweat/grime/mud for 2 solid years... I digress.

Ate Hainanese food ("tze char") though not sure what exactly that is. One dish was Hainanese pork chop - freshly deep-fried pork cutlet in tomato-based sauce with peas, onions and potato chunks.

Yummy! *imitate Homer Simpson* Mmmm... Fried food...

Topic of the moment: Another army pal's getting married but not any of us there.

9pm @ TCC, Bugis Still with chummy army pals. Had German blend while pals had latte, cooler & macadamia nut blend - decaf, so no kick.

Hilarious moment: 4 grown men couldn't decide whether to go for 15% off with OCBC card or enjoy free desert with DBS card.

Common theme of the evening: Living, working, driving, getting married and raising a family in Singapore's bloody expensive. No wonder we hate the Gahmen.

After 12MN @ Mustafa, Little India G & I decided to check out late night shopping. Got out of car at Serangoon to hear "EH MACARENA!" blasting out of cheap Indian restaurant cum pub with sleazy red lights. FYI lotsa cheap deals at Mustafa's.

Absolutely fabulous if you love Indian food, groceries and all.

*cue Ab-Fab opening song* know what I mean, darling?

Curious moment: 2 S'poreans gawking at cheap everyday buys. Alright, at least I was gawking k??

Awe moment: Went into chocolate shock at chocolate aisle, esp. G who couldn't decide between Swiss premium dark and Lindt premium dark. Solution? The more the merrier.

Hilarious moment: G's over-zealous Stepmaster 3000 workout left her crying as she attempted to scale all of 2 flights of steps to get up 1 storey.

Ate at nearest cheap North Indian restaurant since G's quite immobile - freshly made Garlic & butter naan, tandoori chicken, dahl curry & muttom kima.

Sinfully cholesterol-filled and terrible satisfying.

Ed's Self-Discovery: I'm a closet-tandoor lover of all things Indian.

2pm @ Golden Mile Complex, Little Thailand Had Thai food to jointly celebrate mom and bro's birthday! Finally the brat's going to NS this year...

On the table: ultra-hot Tom Yam seafood soup (a tad oily), mango salad, green curry with chicken, pandan chicken (simply lovely) and pineapple rice. Left me sweating and sniffling... SHIOK!

Golden Mile's a sleazy little place with Thai discos and karaoke pubs. Cheap buys at "one and only Thai supermarket" and Thai-oriented departmental store. Oddly, shirts were drab and tight-fitting. Love Thai pop - haha!

Disappointed moment: No more stomach room for Ah-Balling at Beach Rd market.

Disclaimer: These aren't the actual pics of the foods I had but they look just as good :)


adderwyn said...

huh? my birthday? nooo, i want to eat pizza for my birthday!

Bernard said...

hmmm.. curious.....
who is getting married?

drop me a mail if it is nt convenient to post here. =D

Ed said...

Monkeybird's getting married :)

Bernard said...

TCB ?? If I remember who is monkeybird.

Had not heard from him for ages..