Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kena Lovebyte... Kekeke!

I confess: Getting home a little early today, I flicked on the comp and logged on to...

Alright, you can stop sniggering now.

Really, please stop.

What was I thinking?? Definitely not hot babelicious chicks.

Because they're probably too ditsy to remember their userid and password.

Yeah yeah, sour grapes.

Honestly, I opened the lovebyte mailer that informed me of my new password.

Yes, the recent brouhaha over SDU's major security lapse didn't deter me either.

So singlehood's finally gotten to Ed, you say.

Updating my personal profile was ok. Then came the next step, filling in my personal ad.

Oh wait! Had better check out the market first. Don't want to be in the wrong league, you know.

Having to specify a search criteria to scan for real people definitely felt odd. First was race - eh, do I want to go out *OOPS* I mean, expand my social circle by making friends with a non-chinese?

This was followed by sex (gender, mind you!), age, height, body type (they left out babelicious) and interests (they also left out income).

What? All this just to choose my ideal, erm, friend?

Never mind, scan the results first... Wah, got pictures.

Seeing those that are easier on the eye, the cynic in me thought, must be fake pictures "borrowed" from friends. That or she's majorly Photoshopped.

Results for gals churned out about 10 on average for each random permutation of search criteria.

Wonder what kind of gal would put up a personal ad.

Let's see, if I had to, which 1 would I date?

*scroll scroll click click*


Let's check out the competition now.

Really, that's all I intended.

200+ results.

Alamak, this one geeky, this one nerdy, so many engineer-looking guys, this one must be friend's pic, this one's better off putting a fake pic...

Flashback of JC form teacher.

So, if I were to put up a personal, what would I say?

More importantly, why do I need to???

I simply refuse to reduce me to a 2-dimensional picture followed by a 500 character description.

I'll just stick to Salsa class for now :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aiyah pls, don't act coy lor! Trawling over the internet is what it is, no matter what you call it, friend. :)

Anyway I have two words for you as you begin your quest for internet love - " rocks!"